Music Therapy

Music therapy is the functional use of music to bring positive changes in human behavior. These changes include educational, rehabilitative, social and emotional changes.

Music therapy is a profession which meets multiple physical, social, and psychological needs. It is a discipline involving the complex interaction between a qualified therapist and one or more clients.

Each individual has a "Music Child" within him/her no matter the age or condition of health.

Each individual can participate in musical activities successfully and achieve a sense of mastery regardless of their limitation.

Music is ubiquitous and is highly varied in forms of expression. Through participation in many aspects of music, music therapy taps and natures the health aspects of human beings.

Music therapy sessions must be conducted by a board certified music therapist.

音樂治療是利用音樂所具備的元素,例如:節奏、旋律、聲量、速度、曲式,有功用地、有目的地(Functional use)去達到所需的行為轉變,如:心理、體態、精神、情緒等。