Direct service to clients consists of the delivery of music therapy services to individuals and groups.

Additional clinical responsibilities include weekly documentation and periodic consultation with interdisciplinary staff regarding evaluation of client progress. Direct collaboration associated with treatment goals, supplementary resources and adaptive equipment also occurs on a periodic basis.

Besides working as a music therapist, private lesson is always available, e.g piano and conduct a tone chime performance group. Being a certified Kindermusik educator, I am able to teach new born to age 7 children in an early childhood music education.

Types of Session

Group sessions for preschoolers and elementary level students
- Readiness skills are taught in group setting for appropriate classroom behavior

Individual session for all clients
- Clinical improvisation, including sensory stimulation, is used by the therapist to improve client's sensory awareness.

Individual instrumental private lesson
- To teach students leisure skills including how to play piano, guitar, or recorder. Adaptive materials will be used including "Easy chord", adaptive pick, and visual aids for developmental level in learning to read music.

Tone chimes performance group
- Students will learn appropriate behavior and music skills sufficient for ensemble performances in the community.

Target Client

Clients include normal children, at-risk preschoolers, children with severe/profound disabilities, autistic children, developmental delay, learning difficulty children, emotional disturbed children/adult and adult who have developmental disabilities.

For Kindermusik program (early childhood music education), new born to 7 years-old children

Private piano lesson for all ages, group sing (Learning through music) for children from age 3 to 8, conduct a chime choir for children or adult.

What Other Services Available

Individual assessment

Establish and design a treatment plan include therapeutic goals and objectives

Consultation with other inter-disciplinary professions