Studio One - Shop 6, G/F, 19-29 Western Street, Hong Kong

Studio Two (Music Art Profession Academy) - Flat B , 12/f , Kings Wing Plaza I, 3 On Kwan Street, Shek Mun

Music Intelligence Class

Music Intelligence class incorporate live music and musical activities such as singing, moving, listening, and playing instruments to achieve following objectives:
  1. Increase attention span
  2. Strengthen memory skills
  3. Foster socialization
  4. Enhance communication skills
  5. Develop gross and fine motor skills and co-ordination
Music and musical activities provide a different pathway to the brain for information and can be used to reinforce basic knowledge such as number facts, holidays, proper manner and etc.

Music Intelligence:
  • contains games and songs for group singing
  • includes both structured and unstructured movement activities
  • uses visual aids and props to enhance basic daily living and academic learning skills
  • Class will be taught in English

Music Notes Class I / II

Goals of Music notes class :
  1. Introduce children to the basic elements of music (rhythm, timber, melody, tempo, dynamics).
  2. Allows an active role in the development of musical activities.
  3. Invites and develops the singing child.
  4. Provide listening experiences that encourage auditory discrimination and expansion of listening repertoire.
  5. Encourages social development and skills.
The weekly lessons provide an opportunity for singing and vocal development, listening, exploring musical instruments, creating, exploring musical concepts, and reinforcing preschool concepts. All materials are developmentally appropriate for children.

Music Bells Class

Music Bells contain playing rhythm instruments such as hand bells, learning basic music theory, singing nursery rhymes and listening to classical music.

Visual Art Class

Art is an integral part of education. It helps to develop creative thinking and imagination skills. Our Art classes are categorized by the followings:

Art & crafts, oil painting, sketching, fine arts, and other tailor-made programs.

Instrumental Courses:

Piano, Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Folk / Electric Guitar,
Music Theory, Aural Training and Exam Piano Accompaniment Services.

Qualifications of Our Tutors: