Our Goals

Our Goals

To improve / To restore / To maintain

Our Target

Our Target

Children with special needs (有特殊需要), Autism (自閉症), Learning delayed children (發展遲緩), Emotional disturbed (情緒問題), ADHD Children (過度活躍)

Our Services

Our Services

Music Therapy & Instrumental Training

Our Services & Programmes
Types of Session

Group sessions for preschoolers and elementary level students

- Readiness skills are taught in group setting for appropriate classroom behavior

Individual session for all clients

- Clinical improvisation, including sensory stimulation, is used by the therapist to improve client's sensory awareness.

Individual instrumental private lesson

- To teach students leisure skills including how to play piano, guitar, or recorder. Adaptive materials will be used including "Easy chord", adaptive pick, and visual aids for developmental level in learning to read music.

Professional Training
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Recent Workshop - YWCA Music Therapy & Autism

Music Intelligence Class
Music Intelligence Class

Music and musical activities provide a different pathway to the brain for information and can be used to reinforce basic knowledge such as number facts, holidays, proper manner and etc.  

Music Intelligence: 

- contains games and songs for group singing 

- includes both structured and unstructured movement activities

- uses visual aids and props to enhance basic daily living and academic learning skills 

- Class will be taught in English

Music Notes Class
Music Notes Class

-  Introduce children to the basic elements of music 

  (rhythm, timber, melody, tempo, dynamics). 

The weekly lessons provide an opportunity for singing and vocal development, listening, exploring musical instruments, creating, exploring musical concepts, and reinforcing preschool concepts. All materials are developmentally appropriate for children.

Instrumental Courses
Instrumental Courses

Piano, Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Folk / Electric Guitar,Music Theory, Aural Training and Exam Piano Accompaniment Services.


-   Individual assessment

-   Establish and design a treatment plan include therapeutic goals and objectives.

 -  Consultation with other inter-disciplinary professions

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